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The following slate of contributors write at othermatters.org.

MOZAFFAR (Mondays)

I have little to offer the world, save for a few bits of wisdom I’ve probably stolen from jum’a khutbas. In the meantime, I’m trying to purge myself of the assorted variety of Nifaq-nuggets I keep finding in my system. Otherwise, I’m getting my doctorate in Islamic Intellectual History and run a personal blog, Mozaffar’s Moments.

BARAKA (Tuesdays, on sabbatical)

I am a full-time human rights and responsibilities advocate, writer, and amateur photographer living in San Francisco—also known as the most beautiful city on Earth. Which often distracts me from all the writing I should be doing and helps me understand why many great writers preferred to work in a small, lightless box. I can also be found at Rickshaw Diaries, Hu, A Muslim a Day and Flickr.

ABUSHARIF (Wednesdays, on sabbatical)

I am a Qatar-based writer, journalism professor and the editor of Starlatch Press. I have worked on Quran translation projects for more than a decade, recently completing an extensive Quran index, and started a concise dictionary to the Book. I am working on historical narratives and a novel for young adults. My articles have appeared in a variety of outlets, including The Christian Science Monitor, The Chicago Tribune, Q-News, altmuslim.com, and beliefnet.com. From Clay is my personal blog.

ANNA (Thursdays)

I live in Cambridge with my cat Biskit. I teach first grade, Sunni style, at a beautiful little school on the edge of a New England bog. I have three anchors: writing, travel and faith. ANNALOG is my personal blog.

SA’ILA (Sundays, on sabbatical)

The mind is a complex thing. Thousands of some very significant thoughts pass through our minds every day, thoughts that are rarely recorded, shared or reflected upon. My ‘Question of the Week’ posts are meant to provoke such reflection. The real substance, of course, lies in the answers provided. This is where you come in.

ABD (Editor)

I have returned to the academy to study political philosophy after a short hiatus in the real world. My influences are diverse and I seek to learn as much as possible from whomever I can. Fortunately, I have found a precious minority of critical and spiritual people wherever I have lived (Karachi, Boston, Dubai and Chicago).


Guest contributors may join us from time to time. Past guests include Laury Silvers, Sahar Ullah, Suheil Laher, Tiel Aisha Ansari and Haroon Mughal.




1. Unwilling Self-Negation » Cleansing With Sunlight: Traditionalist Inadequacy and Terror - 24 April 2006

[…] Source: ABD of Other Matters, [who] blogs here with other able Muslim thinkers. […]

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