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This is a running glossary of non-English terms used in other|matters posts.
Contributors are encouraged to add to the list at their discretion.

adhan [Arabic] call to prayer made before each of the five daily prayers, traditionally from the minaret of the mosque

Allahu akbar [Arabic] God is great(er) (common statement in worship—e.g., in the daily prayers and the call to prayer)

alhamdulillah [Arabic] God be praised

canim [Turkish] my life (term of endearment)

chowkidar [Urdu] gatekeeper, security guard

du’a [Arabic] supplication

dunya [Arabic] world, this worldly life

ekmek [Turkish] flatbread

ezan [Turkish] call to prayer (see adhan)

habibi [Arabic] my beloved (to a male)

habibti [Arabic] my beloved (to a female)

halaqa [Arabic] circle, study group

hijab [Arabic] physical covering, modesty; headscarf

Insha’Allah [Arabic] if God will it

Gedda [Arabic, Egyptian colloquial for Jedda] Grandmother

Geddu [Arabic, Egyptian colloquial for Jeddu] Grandfather

masjid [Arabic] mosque (lit., place of prostration)

musalla [Arabic] prayer space, prayer mat (lit., place of prayer)

nikah [Arabic] wedding

qibla [Arabic] the direction Muslims face during prayer, corresponding to the direction of Makkah (Mecca) from wherever you are

Salat ul Janazah [Arabic] funeral prayers

Sunnah [Arabic] custom; the legal precedent set by the words, actions or silence (in approval) of Prophet Muhammad, on him be peace

Surat al-Fatiha [Arabic] opening prayer/chapter of the Qur’an

Tata [Arabic, colloquial] Granny

wudu [Arabic] ablution, or ritual washing, before worship




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