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No Glasses, Day Four 13 September 2008

Posted by EDITOR in GUESTS, Spirituality, Theology.

Our guest contributor this week is Ahmed Elewa, a Cairo/Boston-based student of Islamic jurisprudence.

September 04, 2008
Ramadan 4th 1429

I met a friend last night, who happens to be a Jew. He just had a daughter and named her Tali (lit. my dew). He told me that he always wanted to tell me something but never had a chance. “Remember when you came over for the Shabbat dinner, and listened to us chant our prayers? You were reading along and writing notes, picking out Hebrew words that had similar Arabic roots. When we came to a certain verse I was afraid you’d be offended, and I later told my friends that it should be omitted.”


Turkey Diary: Let Us Pray 14 August 2008

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1. Istanbul

The entrance to the mosque is hidden behind a metal door which swings. It is early, still, for maghrib; I imagined, walking downhill, that I would find a space inside, up in a balcony, where I might wait to pray.

The masjid is a simple thing with a short minaret, just this side of shabby. Its facade has been whitewashed in recent years, and yet, still, patches of brick, swathes of cement are visible through its skin. I am reminded, standing outside, of veins on the back of my hand.


Question of the Week: “For the Best” 25 May 2008

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As Muslims, we’re encouraged to accept that everything is for the best: does that mean that the outcome of every action we take is for our betterment?

Bizarros vs. Bizarros 18 February 2008

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What’s more weird? Fox News or these particular “religious” people. In any case, you know Fox has them on for the same reason again and again: ratings.

I think what they — “they” being both bizarros — are doing is horrible.

retread| What is a Moderate Muslim? 29 April 2007

Posted by ABD in MOZAFFAR, Politics, Theology.
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Retreads are quality posts from yesterweeks that are given a second run on Saturdays. This MOZAFFAR piece is from 14 Aug 2006.

I’m sick of this question.

The answer is simple. A “Moderate” Muslim is a Muslim who does one of two things, and only one of two things.

1. S/he supports the policies of his/her state’s government.
2. S/he is silent.