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Democracy Now 1 May 2008

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My bambini just wrote letters to our Governor, Mr. Deval Patrick. These letters are about environmentalism, but they are as much about how American Muslim children view the democratic system and themselves. I am transcribing them here for you.

1. Muhammad.

Dear Governor Patrick,

I am a First Grader. My name is Muhammad. I am a good reader and good at math. I read a lot. I have a water slide. I want to tell you that we should really recycle more. Trash is getting more trash. I hope you are feeling well and I am 6 years old. I love soccer. Soccer is my favorite sport.

Good bye,


The Continuous Living Tradition 21 January 2008

Posted by MOZAFFAR in History, Law, MOZAFFAR, Spirituality.

We see a passage: Alif Lam Meem. We know how to pronounce it. Why?

From this simple point, we touch on an often neglected, yet vitally important facet of the Muslim experience: The Continuous Living Tradition. (more…)

numbers| Burro Over Man 30 May 2007

Posted by EDITOR in Law.

Maximum prison sentence in months for causing the death of a U.S. worker by willfully violating federal safety regulations: 6
Maximum prison sentence in months for harassing a wild burro on federal lands : 12

Sources: AFL-CIO (Washington); Bureau of Land Management, National Wild Horse and Burro Program (Washington)

Repeating Rumi 4 December 2006

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I studied Rumi for a loooong time and was repeatedly blown away by his brilliance. Here is an example: he says that when you see a flaw in your Muslim brother/sister, it’s actually a flaw in yourself (and not in that brother/sister). Think about it. That’s just profound.


retread| Inheritance 23 September 2006

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Retreads are quality posts from yesterweeks that are given a second run on Saturdays. This piece was originally posted by MOZAFFAR on 27 Mar 2006.

I’m in a tiny hotel business office right now; I think our bathroom is larger. Musak plays in the background. I haven’t recognized any of the tunes, until now — the theme to the 70s TV show Taxi. I’m picturing Danny DeVito right now with somewhat full head of receding messy hair, and grey, worn out business vest and pants. Black, loosened tie.