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What’s the big idea?


Othermatters.org is a collaborative weblog established to create a space for dialogue among Muslims across the breadth of the sciences and humanities and beyond some of our pettier ideological differences. Get your news or politics fix elsewhere; our posts generally reflect on the wispier stuff of life.


The following guidelines apply to posts and comments on othermatters.org.

1. Be mindful of God.

2. A diversity of topics is encouraged, particularly in areas outside news, political commentary or religious instruction.

3. Refrain from targeting a specific group of people (Muslim or non-Muslim) or individual Islamic scholars. Mature criticism of particular works or events is welcome, but this is not the space for anti-Salafi, anti-Sufi or anti-Shi’i rants.

4. Comments may link to other sites or blogs, but commercial or otherwise irrelevant comments will be removed.

5. Individual contributors have rights to (and responsibility for) their posts. The selection of or acceptance by a contributor does not imply affiliation or agreement with any other contributor.

6. To nominate someone (or yourself) to the slate of contributors, send an email to info@othermatters.org.




1. Salma Mohiuddin - 25 June 2008

There are a few posts the Western Muslim magazine would like permission to republish.

Salma Mohiuddin
Editor in Chief
The Western Muslim
PO Box 61185 Kensington RPO
Calgary AB T2N 4S6

2. ABD - 26 June 2008

thank you for the implied compliment, and accolades on your online magazine–clearly a lot of effort has been put into it, and i’m a particular fan of the design work. may God guide, protect and bless our efforts in His cause.

please contact us at info@othermatters.org with your request, specifying which posts you are interested in. since contributors retain rights to their work, you are also welcome to contact them directly.

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