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Take the Job to its Completion 28 March 2011

Posted by MOZAFFAR in Misc.

This culture of minimalism that pervades our thinking and action allows for a culture of corruption to overtake us.  By “minimalism” I speak of that tendency that so many of us have, that allows us to do the bare minimum in accomplishing what we want to accomplish.

The allure of minimalism is that it requires minimal effort.  The reality of minimalism is that it requires more effort to sustain (because we will eventually have to fulfill those steps we are abandoning) and more worry (because we are abandoning so many steps).  Simply put: minimalism does not offer peace of mind and minimalism does not actually reduce effort.

This psychology of minimalism is a closet form of apathy.  We want to care, but do not.  We seek out short cuts.  A result is that we accomplish little.

But, the problem goes deeper.  Because of this culture of minimalism, we find two serious corruptions:

The culture of minimalism is is itself a culture of corruption.  Societal corruption dwells, festers, and expands in cultures of minimalism, for minimalism will seek to not only avoid steps, will not only seek to find short cuts, but will definitely seek to invent new steps that appear simpler than the healthy steps.  At the individual level, this approach results in seriously unhealthy transformations in all aspects of life.  Just imagine the results of a society of people who live in a culture of minimalism. This process, by definition, is corruption.

The second problem is that this path of minimalism allows those who seek to exploit the empty void through which to exploit.  When people are living a life of minimalism, their shortcut-seeking myopia makes them voluntarily blind to exploitation.  Their lack of attention to detail provides fertile ground for exploiters to exploit.

Thus, it often happens that even though religion might be the last thing we might ever dare to shed, the first thing we tend to practically shed is our connection with the Divine.  Our connection to religion, even at the most minimal level requires some loose sense of a connection with some amorphous cloud of community.  Our connection with the Divine, however, requires the best of our focus, the best of our efforts, and the best of our longing.  The last thing to go is our connection to our religion, but the first thing to go is our connection with the Divine.

Thus, the call here is to make sure that we do not rob ourselves of the blessings of our efforts.  When we seek to implement minimal efforts, we seek to simply get by.  The goal, then, is to transform ourselves, through simple steps, away from this culture of minimalism, toward a culture of fulfillment, in which we fulfill the potential we have within us, and the potential we manage to generate within us.

And, the first step in this path is to shift our focus back to the Divine.

And, Allah knows best.



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