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Centrality 21 June 2010

Posted by MOZAFFAR in Misc.

The Qur’an challenges you — believer, non-believer, rejector — to extend your beliefs to their logical conclusions.  Meaning, take what you believe about anything and everything, and understand what the consequences of these beliefs really are.

If this challenge is too difficult, look to your actions.  Your actions will reveal much about your true beliefs.  Look at the expect results of your actions, and see where your actions take you.  Actions result in destinations.  What are the destinations of your actions.

If that challenge is too difficult then look to your actions from yesterday.  Take a serious evaluation of how you spent and invested your time yesterday, and look to the expected results of those actions. Some of your actions from yesterday met their exact, intended results yesterday. But, what of those actions that were invested toward longer, more distant goals?

Look then to your goals.  Identify one simple goal in your life.  Maybe you have a dream of reaching a particular career.  What did you do yesterday to help reach that career?  Perhaps your goal is to raise a child into a successful someone.  What specifically? Are you raising your child to be successful in a career, successful as a citizen, successful as a believer, successful on the Day of Judgment?  What did you do yesterday to reach that goal?  If your goal is companionship, what did you do yesterday to find companionship?

Thus, the point here is to evaluate your actions and take them to their logical conclusions.

Having said that, if you believe in the Day of Judgment, then look specifically at the role the Day of Judgment plays in your life.  What have you done today, thus far, to prepare for it?  Are the obligations placed upon you obligations that you are working to fulfill?  This is the simple question.  Take a serious look at your actions to determine what type of preparation you did for the Day of Judgment.  From there, take a serious look to see what direction your life is taking in preparation for that Day.

It is very easy — almost comfortable — to avoid these uncomfortable questions.  In some cases, we run from these fundamental questions by escaping into other topics.  In some cases, we run from these fundamental questions by escaping into conversations about reform of the Tradition.  Indeed, much of the conversation about the reform of the Tradition places focus on bringing people closer to the Divine.  But, much of the conversation about this reform is simply an escape from the fundamental questions, by way of escaping into secondary (though sometimes important) questions.

So, as a way of calibrating your actions toward particular goals, identify the centrality (or lack of centrality) of the Day of Judgment in your worldview, your beliefs, and especially your actions.

And Allah knows best.



1. Australian Muslim - 21 June 2010

Simple but true

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