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The Three Corruptions 22 June 2009

Posted by MOZAFFAR in Misc.

We hurry in doing good before we might get hit with the three corruptions.  These three corruptions — wealth, body, and time — are not intrinsically evil.  They are not even intrinsically defeating.  But, they are intrinsically challenging because we might define our selves according to them, in response to them, or despite them.  We cannot overlook them, yet we cannot immerse ourselves in them.  Simply, we have to hurry in serving the Divine.  Period.The corruptions of wealth are those corruptions which come from lack of wealth — poverty — or those which come from sufficient or excess wealth: prosperity.  In the case of poverty, we might lose our motivation to serve the Divine.  In the case of prosperity, we might really grow corrupt by way of hubris, or by way of forgetting our frailty and dependence.

The corruptions of the body are disease and senility.  With disease we might become disabled.  With senility, we might become unable to function, and not realize it.

The corruptions of time are sudden death and the chaos of the last days (i.e. the era of al-Dajjal).  With death, of course, our books are closed, save for those works whose benefit continues after our expiration.  With the chaos of the last days, we speak of a chaos so fierce that many will wish that they were indeed hit with sudden death or senility.

These corrupti0ns, when studied deeper reveal those simple truths of life.  The corruptions from poverty and prosperity are corruptions that challenge our dependence on the Divine.  The corruptions of the body are those corruptions that challenge our ability to act in service to the Divine.  The corruptions of Time are the Deadlines.  Dependence on Him.  Service to Him.  And, Deadlines.

If you lack the first — dependence on Him — you will be weak in the next.  If you are weak in your actions, the deadline will hit you before you realize it.

Attitude.  Action.  Deadline.

The corruption comes from Wealth, Body, and Time.  The cure is Attitude, Action, and Deadline.

The point here is that we hurry in doing good.  So, do something, NOW.  Now!

And Allah knows best.



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