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retread- The Passion of Franklin Graham and Pat Robertson 8 June 2009

Posted by MOZAFFAR in Misc.

Note:  Some readers were expressing concern about my views on Christians.  Here is a peace I posted some years back.  It still holds true, except that for some reason, I miss my friend more today than I did then.  Omer M.

I was raised among the best of Christians and among some not so great. But, I don’t think too much about those who — with their conduct — offended Christianity. I do, however, think fondly of those friends who illustrated the best of Christianity. It is a gift from God that I was raised among these people, because otherwise, I may have had trouble accepting the teachings in the Qur’an telling me that those who call themselves Christians are closest in affection to the Muslims (5:82).

Had I not known these friends, I may have thought that all Christians were like the war mongers who find no problems in bombing the hell out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Or, perhaps I would have thought that all Christians were like the opportunistic political leaders who misused Christianity to cause some of the worst bloodshed in human history, including the Crusades, the Slave Trade, and the Holocaust. Or, worst yet, I would have thought that all Christians were like Franklin Graham and Pat Robertson, who seem to take every opportunity to curse Islam and the Muslims.

I think fondly of my friend who — when we were perhaps 7 years old, and together in a sleepover — asked me if I believed in Jesus. I told him flatly (in the way a 7 year old speaks), “no.” Of course, that answer was partially wrong; a Muslim does lovingly believe in Jesus, but not in the way that he believes in God.

My friend started crying. He cried himself to sleep. He was crying about my salvation.

He was a good Christian. His whole family was a family of good Christians. Involved in the Church, involved in school, involved in scouts, everything. I’m sure their own religiosity influenced mine, and perhaps vice versa. I miss them greatly, and just as he is probably praying for me, I too am praying for him.

On top of that, they didn’t need to justify their beliefs by regarding mine as evil. Their faith was strong enough that such immaturities were beneath them.

Franklin Graham and Pat Robertson, and those who follow these two individuals, apparently have a different faith, and I don’t know what faith that is. Apparently, their faith compels them to act not-Christ-like, and repeatedly regard Islam and/or Muslims as evil. They call their faith Christianity.

I don’t.

I wish them peace, regardless of the not-Christ-like verbiage they may spew in my direction. I hope that God forgives them and guides them.



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