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Corruption from poverty and prosperity 1 June 2009

Posted by MOZAFFAR in Misc.

We have this notion in our society that poor people are happier than rich people.  Some of this notion is definitely true.  Indeed, there are poor people who are content.  Indeed, there are plenty of wealthy people who do not know contentment.

But, poverty is not a cure.  Poverty has its perils just as prosperity does.

When hit with prosperity, it is common to follow up that windfall with frustration.  Our society tells us that wealth is happiness.  But, we discover that wealth cures nothing, save debt.  We discover that wealth is a tool.  Otherwise, wealth is liability.

Deeper than that, wealth invites us to assume it has power and gives power.  Wealth invites us to assume that the one who possesses wealth possesses ability.  To a degree, this assumption has validity, except that it is not the wealth that provides the ability, but the Creator.

Now, to prevent being corrupted by wealth, prevent yourself from believing that the wealth possesses and grants ability.  Simply, take control of your wealth, and give from it.  Give, in the name of God, Who provides and gives ability.  Take control of your wealth.  Hasten to give.

Now, poverty has its own concerns.  While prosperity gives the illusion of ability, poverty invites to impotence.  Poverty thus invites you to believe that your devotional obligations will not provide benefit.  Thus, poverty invites you to become unmindful of your devotional obligations.   The key, then, is to hasten to fulfill your devotional obligations.  When you are in poverty, and you find yourself slackening in these obligations, hasten to fulfill them.

And Allah knows best.



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