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The Jews are not the enemy 25 May 2009

Posted by MOZAFFAR in Misc.

I’ve come across this widely publicized story about this thwarted plot to destroy a few synagogues as well as a plane.  Now, without doubt, those arrested are innocent unless proven guilty.  And, if they are guilty, then they should be punished appropriately.  In the court of public opinion, however, that point is irrelevant.  The stories of the arrested individuals are, in the court of public opinion, irrelevant.  It is enough, in the court of public opinion, that some people somehow associated with Islam (in any capacity) were caught on the verge of committing horrific acts of terror.  That it happened involving a synagogue only reifies the notion — in public opinion — that Muslims hate Jews.  Now, imagine if the alleged plot was to allegedly blow up a church.

What is lost in public opinion, of course, was that the case was a setup.    The alleged terrorists were baited and set up in a sting operation. Perhaps these same law entrapment agencies should see how easy it is to bait and setup some white supremacists to blow up a mosque.  No, they should not do either.

But, all of that is besides the point.Just as many Jews and Christians have inherited and embraced this ridiculous notion that the cause of problems in our nation as well as our world is Islam and/or Muslims, we find that many Muslims have inherited and embraced this notion that the Jews are the source of evil in the world, by way of greed and shadow conspiracies.

We find that once this notion — opposing Muslims, Jews, and/or Christians for that matter — is embraced, it is subsequently justified by way of scripture, highly selective approaches to history (emphasizing, if not fabricating, the significance of some events while disregarding others).

The first problem, of course, is this culture of blame.  It is so much easier for a population to blame another population for their own miseries, while disregarding their own culpability in their own condition.  Do not do that.  Indeed, some aspects of your plight might be the result of the actions of others.  At different times in our lives, we are subjected to the carelessness — if not vindictiveness — of those in positions of power.  But, you must look at your plight as your responsibility.  It is that simple.  Even if others are rightfully to blame, there is no reason to think that those others will change their ways to help you.  So, again, your plight is your responsibility.

But, regardless of what many Jews and Christians may wrongfully believe about us, the fact remains that our responsibility is to be clear and correct in what we believe.  The Jews are not the enemy.

Indeed, the state of Israel is one of the great exploiters of populations, along with numerous other nations.  And, indeed, many are right to criticize the human rights violations of some countries such as Iran and China, yet those same individuals are silent on Israel.  But, that does not make the Jews the enemy.

But, looking further at the condition of Palestine/Israel.  The same regime that created a situation that has two Arab populations, one at the west and one at the east, with a large Jewish population in the middle, created in the Indian subcontinent, a situation that had two Muslim populations, one at the west and one at the east, with a large Hindu population in the middle.  Who created the mess?  The British.

Indeed, we see the tale of the Children of Isra’il in the Qur’an, being the model of a population who — despite numerous gifts from God — repeatedly illustrated wrong behaviors.  But, the Children of Isra’il were not Jews.  They were the followers of a Muslim prophet — Moses -p- — thus making them Muslims.  The Children of Isra’il were Muslims.

But, looking at this issue from a different perspective.  There was a significant population of Muslims and Jews in Spain, and both were wiped out.  Had there been a significant population of Muslims in Germany at the time of the Holocaust, and had there been a significant population of Jews in Bosnia at the time of the “Ethnic Cleansing” of the Bosnians, these groups would have been wiped out along with their Abrahamic cousins.  Meaning, shortsighted Jews in America who repeatedly and wrongly vilify Muslims, and shortsighted Muslims in America who repeatedly and wrongly vilify Jews should get their passports updated; if there is — God forbid — a genocide or ethnic cleansing in America what should we expect from the plight of both of these populations, save a common wiping out?

Take responsibility for your plight.

And Allah knows best.



1. Matt - 2 June 2009

Interesting post.

I’m not sure I understand the paragraph beginning, “Indeed, we see the tale of the Children of Isra’il in the Qur’an..” I’m not your target audience here, so I’m not surprised, but I would appreciate clarification. Obviously, to Jews, it would be offensive for you to tell them they’re really Muslims. But I think you’re saying something more subtle here.

On the other hand, I do think it’s inappropriate to say, “Had there been a significant population of Muslims in Germany at the time of the Holocaust..” Not wrong factually; obviously Muslims would have been killed as well. But since the time people have attempted to decenter Jews from the story – when Jews were the very center of Nazi thought and propaganda – in many ugly and confused ways. The effect is to distort the meanings of the Holocaust and to appropriate the Shoah. (In fact, the idea that 5 million non-Jews died was fabricated.) I know that’s not your intention here, but perhaps you’re not familiar with just how hard have had to fight just for recognition of the Shoah.

But, that aside, the post is certainly much appreciated.

2. Frank Lee Knotts - 22 August 2009

As a member of the Knights Party, and a Aryan seperatist (not supremist) I have never understood the unrest between Christians and Muslems. These are two different religions, both with a center belief in a loving, forgiving God (yes…sometimes wrathful) who’s followers understand that you cant convert a dead man! I mean, as a Christian, I dont know that much about the Muslem religion, but it seems to me your Jahad (holy wars) wer’nt that much different from our crusades, inquisitions, and ex-communications of Roman Catholisism. You call God “Allah”, we call him “Jehova”…you believe in his great prophet “Mohammad”…we believe in his son “Jesus”. We have segregation in our communities, and there is no reason we two peoples could not co-exist.

But now, lets look at the jew. We see through nearly two thousand years of history in Christiandom that these “peoples” are of a “religion” that precludes anyone outside their race to be a part of. If only whites could be Christian…then yes, all other races would be heathens; but our religion, I think like yours, is not contingant on race…but of faith. This allows the jew justification for being the most racist of all the tribes of Israel, and an excuse to bring harm to others.
Why even their “god” (which is actually money) tells them to go about and “gobble up” all the peoples of the earth! Look at what is going on in America today. Every single time you hear of illegal, criminal white collar crime involving banks and investment companies, those in the center have “son” or “man” at the end of their name! To say “the jew is not OUR enemy” is flawed, because the jew is EVERYONE’S enemy!!!…unless you are a jew dog yourself, therefor “born” into being the “chossen” people of god. The evil that killed Christ still walks amongst us!

3. joe - 17 February 2010

this guy should be killed. not for being moslem, but for being an idiot. Jews are the enemy ‘moslems’ do not know God, neither can they read their koran. mohamed fortold this. they are the army that mohamed spoke of whom think they are moslems but they are false and that they will enact death on the modernist europeans.

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