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Maybe this is a war on Islam? 18 May 2009

Posted by MOZAFFAR in MOZAFFAR, Politics, Psychology.

I have been preaching for most of the past decade that this war has not been—by intention—a war on Islam.  And, in speaking of a “war on Islam,” I would be speaking of a war launched against Muslims and Muslim artifacts because they are Muslims or Islamic.  Rather, it is a campaign to gain control of the world’s energy resources.  If we—the United States—control energy resources, then we control the world.  Secondarily, it is a campaign to preserve our lifestyles.  It is not so much a war about oil, but a war about the power that control of oil gives, and a war that allows us Americans to continue our lifestyle of heavy consumption of such resources.

I have also spoken of the religion of love that has been hijacked by the people of war.  The violence perpetuated and justified by Militant American Christianity is a far greater threat to the world than even the violence perpetuated and justified by Militant European Secularism.  If Militant American Christianity was truly militantly Christian, then it would a religion of militant love and militant pacifism.  But it is not.  Interestingly, Militant American Christianity is not only Israel’s most potent supporter, but it is also its most potent threat.  Meanwhile, as the corrupt religionists and secularists across the board continue to exploit the good Christians, Muslims, Jews, secularists and others of the world, too many, too many of us Muslims are busy chasing our tales.

But, don’t get me wrong,  there is plenty, plenty of good in this world that is indeed battling the shameless predators.

Having said all of that, I still maintain my above views.  But, in light of this piece, I have come one step closer to believing that this war is after all, a war on Islam.  Make sure you look at the slides.

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1. karachikhatmal - 19 May 2009

i understand your concern, but it’s how armies work everywhere. here in pakistan, in order to fight the taliban the army created itself, it decided to motivate its soldiers – forever bred on a diet of red-blooded jihad – that the guys they were killing were not muslims, but rather hindu raw agents. the army wilfully spread propaganda claiming that they had found taliban soldiers with uncircumcised penises etc. once the ploy had been set, such use of holy scripture was used, as it always has been, with gay abandon.

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