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The Power and Prison of Miracles, Part 2 11 May 2009

Posted by MOZAFFAR in Misc.

Much of the joy of religion is found in timing.  The perfect thing happens at the perfect moment, and thus, we identify that perfect event — that anomaly of chance — as the foundation of our faith. That is a problem, a very serious problem.

When we look to the foundations of faith, we often look to those moments that happen in the perfect way, at the perfect moment, perfectly responding to our needs at that moment.  But, is the breath of air that you take, involving almost no conscience choice or training of your own, dozens of times per minute, any less perfect?

This problem is this search for a sign.  It will not give you faith.  If you search for a sign, and if you search beyond your immediate circumstance, you have already missed the obvious, seeking the inobvious.  You might find many such miracles, but if you look beyond the mundane and habitual, none will give you what you need.  They might give you the quick fix, soothing you until that need reappears.  But, they will not cure that yearning.

And, thus miracles — or that act of limiting miracles to the anomalous — becomes a prison of searching for something distant, even though it is abundant in our immediate setting, no matter who we are.  If you seek to define your faith according to the anomalous, then yours will be a faith far weaker than you might imagine.

Seek instead to define your faith according to the One who created the habitual and the anomalous.  When something happens in that perfect way at that perfect moment, enjoy it.  For it is — like the breaths you have taken in reading this note — also from God.

And Allah knows best.



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