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The Frailty of American Religion 29 December 2008

Posted by MOZAFFAR in Misc.

The modern era is marked by the shifting of religion from public authority to private seclusion. Every religion in the West has faced this change.

The commonly observed result is that institutions of religion no longer carry the central authority over their followers, at least not as much as they had in the past. Rather, religion now becomes an instrument less of dogma, but instead tool of moral well-being. The best religion, however, is the religion that supports nationalist secular agendas.

But, in moving religion to private space — the heart — we have made the ties to religion something far more delicate and sensitive and shallow. Thus, for many, you cannot mock their religion. One of their co-religionists might be able to mock their religion, but someone from outside the fold is not permitted to do likewise. The heart is not shallow, but religion is made to be a weak cellophane wrapping around the heart, keeping the believer from facing his/her real self.

The result of this privatization of simplistic religion is simple. Simply, it is religious nationalism. Religion is defined by the loosest strands, but those loose threads become the threads that bind a population together, against the Other.



1. Ali - 2 January 2009

Who do you intend by ‘we’?

2. Ali - 2 January 2009

Or is it whom?

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