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Keep your Intentions Clear 1 December 2008

Posted by MOZAFFAR in Misc.

Try to do something at this moment just for God. Find something. How easy or hard is it to do? In many cases, we will feel the sense of complexity in many of our actions. So, try to find something at this moment to do purely for God.

Now, try to find something to do purely for your afterlife. That might be a shade easier, but try it. Don’t just read this passage as something to fill your brain. Act on it. Do something purely for your afterlife.

Now, take a moment to count how many things you’ve done in the past hour purely for God, and how many things have you done purely for your afterlife.

Seriously. Sit back for a moment, and take stock of the past hour.

If that was easy, take stock of the day, from the time you woke up.

It is too easy to live through life with one aim: to pass the time. That unfortunately, is the implicit aim of so many of us. Count your big actions from the moment you woke up today up through to now. How many were purely for God. How many were purely for your afterlife. And how many were for something else. You might notice that many of today’s actions were done to fulfill other actions, which were to fulfill other actions, with that final action being something purely worldly.

Meaning, in order to get to work, you drove to work, and in order to be prepared for work, you woke up early enough so as to get fully ready for work.

Perhaps you exercised? What was the goal? This world or the next?

Perhaps you woke up for Fajr prayer? What was the goal? Allah or your afterlife.

Seize control of your self. Otherwise, the raging river of society will take control from you and make you a pawn.



1. Abu Dharr - 6 December 2008

Not to get sanctimonius on your blog, but:

Sufyan at-Thawri (ra), the Tabi’in who was known as ‘Commander of the Believers’ in hadith and ‘the Imam of our time,’ said:

“the hardest thing for me, was to purify my intentions”

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