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We Hate to Raise our Children 24 November 2008

Posted by MOZAFFAR in Misc.

We have developed this distinct split between public and private space. In that split, we are taught that what happens in public space is the real action, and what happens in private space is inconsequential. The house — the location of private space — is essentially a facade that is to be cleaned. Meaning, private space becomes the space of chores.

The result is that parenting itself has grown into a chore, not a profession.

We must regard parenting as a profession.

You — the at-home parent — are raising a human. You cannot have a bank account, stock options, titles, cars, palaces and promotions, that would compare in value to raising a human. It is not possible. The most elite of titles — something like Holy Roman Emperor or Shahenshah — is something only temporary. When you die, and your mouth is full of dirt, you won’t care what you were in your worldly life. But, parenting is eternal.

When you see a mother or father who has dedicated his/her full-time profession to raising his/her children, stand in great respect of that person. Not only is that person raising a human, but s/he has also been able to stand against the shallow, materialistic grain of society.

But, if you see two parents who are so deep in their professional and material ambitions that they work full-time and give the leftovers of their energies to their children, then pity them, because their private space is basically a graveyard. In a short matter of time, a real graveyard will become their public space. And, it is probable that when they die, their children will care less about the soul that has died, and more about the inheritance that they can acquire. Because that is what the parents taught the children.



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3. Ali - 2 January 2009

Yes, yes! Thank you for this.

Assalamu alaikum,

4. manu - 5 January 2009


i second this too.

Jazakallah khairan

Friend :)

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