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What are the Ripples of your Actions? 22 September 2008

Posted by MOZAFFAR in Misc.

Every deed has at least four parts.  Every deed has an intention, preparatory action, deed, and consequence(s).  We cannot separate the deed from the intention behind the deed.  You will be judged according to your intentions.

Every dead has a post-deed.  The post-deed is the consequence.  You might have one dominant intention motivating your deed, but you will always have multiple consequences to your deed.  Some consequences might be intended, while every deed has unintended consequences.  You might also be rewarded according to the consequences of your actions.

Thus, we have an intention, that motivates the actions that lead to the deed, as well as (hopefully) the deed itself, that results in consequences of which some might be intended, while others are unintended.

I take a shower to wash myself.  Perhaps my intentions are more pious.  Perhaps I take a shower to prepare for prayer.

Then, I wash myself.

We have an intention:  to make prayer.

We have the pre-deed actions performed to fulfill the intention:  we shower.

We have the deed itself:  prayer.

But, we also have consequence.

I bathed fully, and performed my prayers.   That completion of prayers had further consequences, which I hope to meet on the Day of Judgment.

Further still, because I performed my prayers, I further solidified the practice as a habit, making it easier on myself — perhaps — to perform the prayer again, resulting in further benefit on the Day of Judgment.

Further still, the daily prayers cause other benefits, for example, the prevention of indecency.  Meaning, my prayers are strengthening my soul, making me more resistant and resilient against temptation.

Thus, with my intention to perform my prayer, I washed myself. The result was a fulfillment of my goal, followed by numerous beneficial, unintended consequences.

But, there are other unintended consequences.

To wash myself, I used numerous chemicals that provide small bits of strain onto the environment.  These chemicals were packaged in containers that cause even greater amounts of strain onto the environment.  And, in the process, I have used 25 gallons water.  Repeating this practice over the course of a year, I used nearly 10,000 gallons of water, and how many gallons or pounds of such chemicals, and how many plastic non-biodegradable bottles?

While I was preparing for prayer, I polluted my own water, which I and many others would be relying upon in the future.  I polluted the environment further, corrupting nature, food, and natural resources that I and many others would be relying upon.

Yet, at the same time, I am immensely benefiting my own afterlife.

Is that acceptable?

Allah knows best.

To be continue…if Allah wills.



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