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Take a deep breath of fresh air 8 September 2008

Posted by MOZAFFAR in Misc.

Change is hard.  Change is next to impossible.  Thus, we try to turn to God, and we succeed for a short period of time.  But, before we realize it, we are back to our normal selves.  We were totally sincere, and tried our best, yet, we quickly fall back to our normal selves.  It is frustrating.

If you want to change yourself, then you have to change your air.  Change two things.

You take in a deep breath to fill your lungs with air.  That oxygen travels to every end of your being, hoping to nourish each cell in your body.  What is within you comes from the space in front of you.

1- Change your friends.

2- Change your environment.

We cannot underestimate the sheer weight of force that our intimate circle of friends and our corresponding environment impose upon forming us.  If you do not change both, then you will not change.  It is that simple.

You are who your friends are.  You are what your environment is.  Do not kid yourself into thinking otherwise.  If the air entering your nostrils is polluted, your lungs will absorb that pollution, and will be able to filter some of it.  You have to change your air.

Do not be rude to your current friends, but if you are serious about change, then find those friends who are more conscious and more serious about their relationship with their Creator. You are who your friends are.

If you are serious about change, then change your environment.  If you are living in a land, and you kill 99 people, then get out of that land because it is obviously not helping you.  Find a different land.  If you change your friends, then you will already make significant change.  But, there are other aspects of your life.  Consider your private space.  If necessary, get the personal media device out of your easy reach.

If your air is making you cough, then change your air.  Your salvation may depend on it.

And Allah knows best.


1. VARANGALI - 8 September 2008

Salam Mozaffar,

This is very wise. Jazakallah.

2. Farzana - 8 September 2008


What if you have good friends, but despite their wise counsel, you are still unable to make those changes within yourself? It is a real struggle.

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