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The Layers between You and Him 18 August 2008

Posted by MOZAFFAR in Misc.

This world is nothing but a veil. You sit on this side of the veil. Allah is, so to speak, on the other side of the veil.

This veil has numerous layers. One layer of the veil cannot be lifted until we die. The exact timing of that lifting of that final veil is already set. But, there are numerous other veils that can be pulled away.

Likewise, as we grow up in life, as life seems to get more complicated, we respond to life accordingly: we get more complicated. But, our own increasing complexity is nothing more than a response to what we perceive as increasing complexity in the life within and around us. The result is that we are adding more and more veils. Again, those veils distance us from the Divine. Those who keep a simple outlook on life seem do not seem to have more difficulty in navigating through life. Many have an easier navigation through the struggles of life.

The point here, is that many (perhaps most) of the veils between ourselves and the Divine are entirely within us. They affect how we interact with Allah. They affect how we interact with others. They affect how we interact with ourselves.

But, they are nothing more than veils, that can be lifted.



1. maji6 - 2 September 2008

the only word that comes to mind after reading this article is Itiba. “Obey”

At the end of the day what God wants from us is Obediance. This obediance in it self is a lifting of the veils as only He will obey who sees beyond the veils of the creation of Allah to the creator of All.


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