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Running from the Self is Running from God 21 July 2008

Posted by MOZAFFAR in MOZAFFAR, Psychology, Spirituality.

We know the popular line stating that if you know yourself, then you can know God. Meaning, if you do not know yourself, there is no way you can know God.

Such is the plight of so many people today. Long before they run from God, they run from their own selves.

Thus, I wonders which pain is greater: the physical pain of torture, or the pain of a consciousness that knows that it is in denial. The latter can never experience the bliss of true awareness and can never experience the bliss of numb ignorance, for s/he has the call to the Divine calling from within. But, s/he continues to run. The result is that s/he runs from the intimate company with the Divine into the mouth of madness and the calamity of chaos. More than that: once s/he is there, s/he refuses to budge.

That attitude is nothing less than fear.

And Allah knows best.


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