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Question of the Week: Boring 13 July 2008

Posted by SA'ILA in Psychology, SA'ILA.

“If you’re bored, it’s because you are boring.”

Who defines who is boring and who is interesting? Are some individuals interesting to all persons? Are some individuals boring to all people? Are you – with reference to the quote above – bored only because you are a boring person?



1. greatsnake - 13 July 2008

i think it’s true to a degree – your state of boredom says something about you and you only.
i once knew a person who could take the most boring sounding subject and make it incredibly fascinating.
it is a gift.
still, i doubt that there are many people who find every one either boring or interesting – we do have the power of discretion and judgement and we do not respond to every one the same way.

2. cerebricity - 16 December 2009

I agree to what you have said, a boring person is considered boring, because he is boring to the majority of people. And an interesting person, is not considered boring because thats how most people perceive him.
But in my opinion…. the level of how bored you feel depends on what mood you are in. If you are in a mood of excitement, and don’t find any around, or are not able to generate excitement…. you will get bored !
And if people around you are most of the time seeking excitement, and you are not able to stimulate them beyond their thresh hold of excitement, you will be considered boring by the people.
Whereas if people are seeking a certain level of excitement and you provide much more excitement than they seek…. you may be considered an exciting/ non-boring person.

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