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Two pillars of socio-spiritual chaos, Part 2 16 June 2008

Posted by MOZAFFAR in MOZAFFAR, Psychology, Spirituality.

The second pillar of spiritual chaos is the erasure of accountability. If you guarantee a person salvation either by eliminating any thought of accountability or by guaranteeing salvation, then you have erased the system of accountability. The accountant then of such a person will again become his/her nafs al-amāra. What reason is there to conform except according to the terms, solely of a world which permits the complete satisfaction (if it is possible) of the nafs al-amāra?

Thus, we find that the people with multiple gods and the people with no accountability to be the most loving of this worldly life. The natural progression of such an outlook is to make the world follow the ultimate criterion of materialist order: the law of the jungle, where the most fit survive. Alliances are then made according to material power. Even marriages and families are broken because of material disparity.

That is not to say that automatically, if someone is raised in polytheism or if someone is raised in a system that does not provide accountability, that s/he will automatically become a slave to his/her appetites. Not at all. People are generally good, and are generally able to maintain their innate primordial goodness. Thus, through their fitra, many will maintain their internal connection to God and will likewise maintain their internal source of accountability, their Guardian Self, the nafs al-lawwāma. But, when we have a society (including its religious outlooks) based on polytheism and/or no accountability, we have opened the door wide open for the nafs al-amāra to reign as god.

Now let us take it a step further. We are not automatically speaking here of particular religious communities. Not at all. We are looking at structural practices. Where does polytheism play out in the practice of a Muslim who otherwise claims belief in radical monotheism? It happens when his/her actions reveal slavery to others, in addition to God Himself. To be explored further in the near future, if God wills.

And Allah knows best…



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