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Question of the Week: “For the Best” 25 May 2008

Posted by SA'ILA in SA'ILA, Spirituality, Theology.

As Muslims, we’re encouraged to accept that everything is for the best: does that mean that the outcome of every action we take is for our betterment?



1. BrownSandokan - 29 May 2008

I don’t know enough to answer your question in the affirmative or negative. But perhaps it may help to look at this differently: The actions we take and the ensuing results have already been decreed by Allah. Whether they’re for our good or not, we’re going to have to live with them. When you think of it this way, that question becomes secondary.
Even something that doesn’t appear to be good on the surface may be Allah SWT testing us and/or purifying us of our past sins.
What I’m saying is, (I think) there’s a reason behind everything that happens to us. Whether it’s good or not is purely subjective and dependent on what context you measure ‘good’ in. And therefore irrelevant ultimately.
Wallahu Alam.

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