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Lighthouses and Violence 21 May 2008

Posted by mecca in Culture, Psychology.

An updated version of this story will appear on religiondispatches.org. Thanks.



1. Elias Da Silva - 21 May 2008

this was really just a heartfelt post. I really enjoyed it, and wanted you to know that I appreciate both you and the lighthouse lady. I think it’s important to put brain power into things other than the everyday. What would you like to adventure doing?

As far as the school children, my heart breaks. You’d think that with all the innate suffering in the world, people would get over it. guess not.

2. ABD - 22 May 2008

Stray bullets, children, and official anger. I’d rather be thinking about lighthouses.

this was a provocative piece in the best sense of the word. the way it was written (by which i mean style, but i wonder if the writing process was also different) seemed unusual even for you. would you care to talk a little about the connection between lighthouses and school violence and why you alternate between the topics rather than having a single frame?

3. Ibrahim A. - 23 May 2008

ABD: Well, the connection between lighthouses and violence happened because of the conversation itself. If you carefully listen to any interesting conversation, seemingly unrelated things come in and out, though they mysteriously are connected. The light of lighthouses and the darkness of violence … you can’t make that stuff up. So when it happens, tell it. And bob in and out as it feels right. There aren’t any rules per se. Just be as real and as authentic as possible.

ELIAS: Thank you for your comment. Inner city violence is terrible, but, as you say, it’s heart breaking when it comes to the children.

4. Pictures Of Lighthouses - 9 November 2008

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