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Happy Birthday Malcolm X 19 May 2008

Posted by MOZAFFAR in History, MOZAFFAR, Politics, Spirituality.

To express my appreciation to the Creator for bringing you into my life, I quote the following story from Gulistan. [Trans. Omar Ali-Shah, p. 65]

They saw Abdul Qadir Gilani, God’s blessing on him, in the Sacred Mosque in Mecca weeping, his face in the sand, and saying, “Lord forgive me! If Thou deem me deserving of Thy wrath, raise me up blind on the Day of Judgement that I may not be ashamed in the presence of those you will reward.”

With my face in the dust of humility
I say every morning when I remember You,
O You whom I never forget
Do You ever think of me?



1. Jabar - 19 May 2008

Since when was a Malcolm X a Sufi or political Islamist?


2. MOZAFFAR - 19 May 2008

Salams Jabar,

Thanks for your post.

Who says he was either?

Omer M

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