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Democracy Now 1 May 2008

Posted by ANNA in ANNA, Culture, Education, Law, Misc.

My bambini just wrote letters to our Governor, Mr. Deval Patrick. These letters are about environmentalism, but they are as much about how American Muslim children view the democratic system and themselves. I am transcribing them here for you.

1. Muhammad.

Dear Governor Patrick,

I am a First Grader. My name is Muhammad. I am a good reader and good at math. I read a lot. I have a water slide. I want to tell you that we should really recycle more. Trash is getting more trash. I hope you are feeling well and I am 6 years old. I love soccer. Soccer is my favorite sport.

Good bye,

2. Ahmad.

Dear Governor Patrick,

I would like you to make a house for me.

My name is Ahmad and I am good at writing. I am good at reading. I like to play soccer. I like to eat grapes. My favorite thing is school.

Good bye,

3. Umar.

Dear Governor Patrick,

I am a first grader. Boy I am smart and good and I don’t call out. And I am sweet and I have friends. The teacher does not shout at me. I think you are good on soccer. If you are good on soccer, you should come visit us and play with us.

Good morning,

4. Marwa.

Dear Governor Patrick,

My name is Marwa. I would like to visit you. What is your age? _______________________ (Sign.) I would like to ask if you are going to ask America to save animals’ lives. I want to help disable people. I want to have a party with you! I want no more littering. I want to have a girly program and a boy camp again. Marwa is my name. When I grow up, I want to be a lawyer. I don’t have a friend. Do you want to be my friend?

Bye, see you later.

5. Abdur-Rahim.

Dear Governor Patrick,

Greetings Mr. Deval Patric. My name is Abdur-Rahim. You can call me Al for short. Can you make a rule that no more jay-walking?

I got a word for you: as-salaamu alaikum.


6. Ammar.

Greetings Mr. Deval Patrick,

Dear Governor Patrick, my name is Ammar. Please stop people throwing garbage on the sidewalk. Don’t let people throw bombs. Don’t let kids fight. Would you come to our class? You can go to the masjid for prayers. You can be a Muslim by being nice and saying good words.

Ammar, 6 years old.

7. Ayat.

Greetings Governor Patrick,

I am a first grader. My name is Ayat. I want the plants to be safe. Please lets have programs to teach how to plant. Don’t step onplants. There are people stepping on plants, so if you could tell them not to. I hope you are feeling well.

I love the plants.

As-salaamu alaikum,

8. Hamza.

Dear Governor Patrick,

My name is Hamza. Please help the world to grow more plants, and give water to them. Our state doesn’t have a lot of plants. Everyone is killing the plants. I hope we grow more plants. And we should not kill plants. Come to my house.


9. Nadim.

Dear Governor Patrick,

My name is Nadim. I hope you are well. People need help to recycle. Would you like to help us recycle? Could you put signs for recycling so we can’t waste? Can you come to our school and we will have a party.

Have a nice day.

10. Salwa.

Dear Governor Patrick,

As-salaamu alaikum. My name is Salwa. May you make the road safe. May you tell them not to litter. May you tell them to recycle. May you tell them to nice to the poor. I hope you’re safe. I hope you’re okay.

Good bye,

11. Ali

Dear Governor Patrick,

Governor, stop the littering. I do not want anyone to eat garbage. Governor, please be not evil. Do not call 911. Governor, please make them alive. Give the poor people money.

Governor, please take care of us.

Bye-Bye from Ali.

12. Yahya.

Dear Governor Patrick,

My name is Yahya. I like dogs. Please can you save the water? Please save it. I like to play in the water. I like to swim in the water. I like to drink water and I like to have a shower. Please save our water.

by Yahya.

13. Ahmad #2.

Dear Mr. Patrick,

Hello Mr. Patrick. I want to tell you that we need better trainers for driving better. We want you to get more trainers for better drivers! There have been a lot of people who got runned over. I want a safer world. I like soccer. I am good at it. I am smart.

Good bye,
I am seven years old.

14. Raad.

Dear Governor Patrick,

Dear Governor, I love the Earth. Please help other people try to not litter. Or instead make them recycle. If you want mke more trash signs on the street. And if they litter again, put them in jail. If you tell them not to litter that would help to save the Earth.

Thank you,



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