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Macro Exploitation breeds Micro Exploitation 28 April 2008

Posted by MOZAFFAR in Economics, MOZAFFAR, Politics, Psychology.

Exploitation breeds exploitation. A society in which the overarching system is exploitative will witnesses numerous forms of micro exploitations. Thus, the powerless in the society will suffer in multiple directions. The powerless will suffer at the hands of the exploitative system and its lead dictator. The powerless will also suffer at the hands of those near them, in their intimate circles.

Thus, the most often exploited members of an exploitative society are its women and children, especially the girls. It may not be that the women in a society are being exploited because the culture is misogynist. The source of the exploitation might be something simpler: survival of the fittest. Meaning, those in any position of power will, by way of threat and violence, exploit the subordinates. Those subordinates will, by way of threat and violence, exploit those beneath them.

Often, this exploitation forms a second disease: loss of dignity. When the exploited have been robbed of their sense of dignity, the results are even more brutal. A person without dignity is unable to respond rationally to the challenges of life. He responds in a manner that makes even carnivorous animals look tame. He responds by destroying either himself, or those around him.

When a person loses his/her sense of dignity, the exploitation has reached its fulfillment. The exploitation has enslaved its victims.

Thus, when the man without dignity leaves the exploitative system to a system of some opportunity and hope, the dignity does not return. His mind is still enslaved to a system of survival of the fittest, and he acts accordingly. When his empty dignity is challenged, he continues to responds in a violent, irrational manner.

Thus, in fighting exploitation, it is not enough to change the system that is structured around the people. The sense of dignity must be restored back to the hearts from which it was taken.

And Allah knows best.



1. Muslimah X - 28 April 2008

For some reason this reminds me of the often dictatorial ways in which some of our masajid/centers are run. It has been surmised that the people (usually gentlemen) who run such masajid have been themselves oppressed by the dictatorial, oppressive regimes rampant in the Muslim world. They migrate to a country that is relatively democratic (the U.S.) yet are unable to themselves govern (at a masjid/community level) in a democratic manner. Rather the only method for governance available to them is one which mimics the oppression with which they were themselves governed (although they resented it). This is why we have community based organizations that cannot understand why it is important to have a change in leadership or to assess the needs of the community and to seek input from all members…

waAllahu 3lam..

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