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retread| The Seething Ecstasy of Anger 25 April 2008

Posted by EDITOR in MOZAFFAR, Psychology.

Retreads are quality posts that are given a second run on Fridays. This is a MOZAFFAR piece from 18 June 2007.

Anger seeps through your system like a devil pulsating through your arteries. It consumes you. It becomes the eyes with which you see. It becomes the mind with which you think. It becomes the hands with which you strike.

There is that one type of anger that you turn to in that split second. You’re facing a sudden conflict, and in that split second you have to make your choice. It is fight or flight. Do you fight? Or, do you turn away? If you fight, you know it will be bad. But, in that split second, you don’t give yourself the time to think. In many cases, you turn away. When your guard is up, it is easy to turn away. Meaning, it is easy to keep control.

But, if you are communicating with a loved one, your guard is already down. When you are with loved ones, you cry more quickly. You laugh more quickly. You relax more quickly. Because your guard is down.

Or, when you are scared you are unable to pull up your guard. Your mind is racing left and right for some comfort. As a result, you aren’t thinking straight. Thus, you leave yourself with less choices.

If Anger is one of your common choices, then you will reach for it to give you the sense of protection. You seek it to provide a response to your fight or flight scenario, or to give you protection from your fear. And if you do it again, you will keep doing it again and again. The more you reach for it, the more it becomes you. And the results will be horrible.

There is the other kind of anger that seeps through your system. While the prior Anger is (essentially) Rage, this latter Anger is far more devious and calculating. When you experience a rupture in your life, you may seek glue from this Anger. And when you do, this glue becomes the glue that holds together your whole person. You no longer see people as humans. You see people as allies or adversaries. You see people as accomplices and victims. The only rule this Anger follows is to destroy, humiliate and feed itself. It is an appetite.

And the results will be horrible.



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