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retread| Choosing Your Friends 21 March 2008

Posted by ABD in MOZAFFAR, Psychology, Spirituality.

Retreads are quality posts from yesterweeks that are given a second run on Fridays. This is a MOZAFFAR piece from 30 October 2006.

Your friends to you are like a perfume salesman to you. Or your friends to you are like a blacksmith to you.

If you spend time with a perfume salesman, you’ll soon smell like wonderful perfume. If, however, you spend time with a blacksmith, you will soon be covered in soot. Such are your friends to you. They may make you smell wonderful, or they may leave you covered in soot.

You select your friends usually based on geography, demographics, and interests. Commonly, your friends will be some sort of a mirror image of you, at least on the outside.

But, are your friends good for you? The test is simple. Does spending time with them bring your closer to God, or to the world? Generally. Some friends will provide a bit of both. But, most friends will provide—far and away—one over the other.

But, if your friends only bring you closer to the world, where you are the one struggling to bring them closer to God, then they aren’t your friends. They are junk food for your soul. They may taste sugary, but after the two seconds of pleasure, they are just rotting your soul.

If a friend comes between two spouses, causing or allowing friction between the two—rather than fixing it—then that person is no friend. That person is a devil.

Abandon such people. Give them their due of courtesy and prayers, but benefit yourself instead with the company of those seeking God. Your old friends won’t miss you for it. Rather, in their anger, they will be like the fox to the grapes, and condemn you. A few of those friends, however, will join you in your new pursuit.

On the flipside, however, I am not inviting you to self-righteousness. Rather, I am asking you to take a good honest look at the company you keep, and look at the time you spend with them. Meaning, look at the time you spend with them and how it affects you. Perhaps you are the one who leaves your friends covered in soot. And, perhaps those who, on the outside, seem to be seeking God, are themselves nothing more than devils on the inside.

May God bless you.



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