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Question of the Week: Hopes and Expectations 24 February 2008

Posted by SA'ILA in Psychology, SA'ILA, Spirituality.

Most of the evils in human relationships, and most of the sorrows that we encounter, are the result of broken expectations. By severing your hopes from human beings, not only will these relationships be freed from being vitiated but you will also be able to rid yourselves of your grief and sorrow.

– Khurram Murad, Dying and Living for Allah

What kinds of expectations should we hold of people in our lives – and what should or should not be communicated? Are there some basic certain expectations we can/should always have of others – be they in terms of values, morals, principles or otherwise?

When is it too much to hope and desire something of another human being that we care about?



1. VARANGALI - 13 March 2008


My father likes to listen to sad songs: something about sorrow makes the heart flicker in ways joy often cannot. Perhaps there is some value in sorrow, some value in placing expectations in others even if they get quashed.

As an aside, I feel a little blasphemous disagreeing with a quote from a book titled “Dying and Living for Allah.” Unfair advantage.

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