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Bizarros vs. Bizarros 18 February 2008

Posted by MOZAFFAR in Culture, MOZAFFAR, Politics, Theology.

What’s more weird? Fox News or these particular “religious” people. In any case, you know Fox has them on for the same reason again and again: ratings.

I think what they — “they” being both bizarros — are doing is horrible.



1. non-Muslim wandering past - 19 February 2008

Oh, them.

WBC isn’t “really” a religion, but very much is a cult. Most of them are related to one another, they shot down a media investigation into abuse by the patriarch, and there’s suspicious links to white supremacist groups and that bunch.

I’ve seen the group in person, and watched them deliberately wind up a passer-by, then literally dance in glee that they provoked a response. They’re sadists cloaking their darkness with the claim of religion.

I feel truly sorry for them when the time comes.

As for Fox … Ummm …

Anyways, positive thing: Patriot Guard Riders website is http://www.patriotguard.org if anyone is curious.

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