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Gaza 4 February 2008

Posted by MOZAFFAR in MOZAFFAR, Politics.

I have the solution to the Middle East crisis. These so-called Muslim leaders should trade places with the people of Gaza. Let the Gazans live in the palaces of these so-called Muslim leaders, while they—the leaders—live under Israeli Occupation in Gaza.

Nobody on the planet oppresses more Muslims and nobody on the planet oppresses Muslims more than these so-called Muslim leaders. If they persecute and choke Muslims so viciously, just imagine what they would do to the non-Muslims in their lands. The Americans are saints compared to them.

We are warned to beware of the of prayers of the oppressed. Well I pray that those oppressed Palestinians are praying for the Muslim leaders to meet Saddam Hussein.

Now, I’ve met the real Palestinians. They probably wouldn’t make such prayers; their hearts are too kind.

Right now they are too concerned about survival in a world that has not only abandoned them, but has used them.

Now, for those of you who are reading this. I beg you to do four things. If you can do more, then do more, but do not do less:

1- Contact your public officials to get them to send humanitarian aid to the Gazans.

2- Donate to them, even if it is a little. irw.org.

3- Educate yourself about the Middle East crisis.

4- Pray your heartfelt prayers for those Palestinians. And, secondarily, pray for all of those individuals on the globe who are oppressed.

And God is able to do all things.



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