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The Straight Path is a Circle 14 January 2008

Posted by MOZAFFAR in MOZAFFAR, Spirituality.

The destination is, of course, God.

Indeed we are from God, and indeed to Him is the return. Thus, if we are from God, and if we are on the path returning to Him, then the Straight Path is actually a circle.

Each of us has this yearning within us. Sometimes, the yearning is so great that we have trouble sitting still; we remain in great unease. Often, we confuse this yearning with the commanding voice of our Commanding Self, the nafs al-ammaara. The Commanding Self is that voice within us that commands us, often, to fulfill our appetites.

Thus, we have this yearning within us, and our Commanding Self subverts that yearning into the hunger to fulfill an appetite. Food. Sex. Power. Attention. Possessions. And, once you try to fulfill that hunger, you may indeed give your hunger a temporary respite. But, you have not resolved the yearning. So, shortly, the hunger returns.

Though your appetite may cloud it, that yearning, is a yearning for Him.

There are those who seek to fulfill the hunger with material possessions. Thus, they are actually led away from Him. Thus, the yearning is never satisfied. Thus, their hunger is never satisfied. This hunger will only get satisfied when their mouths of full of dirt, six feet under ground.

There are those who seek to fulfill that hunger with knowledge. Their hunger only grows. If that knowledge is a knowledge that brings them closer to God, then it becomes exhilaration. Their hunger only grows.

And Allah knows best.



1. Saifuddin - 16 January 2008


as-salaamu ‘alaikum. MashaAllah Mozaffer! I have nothing to add… you said it all, mashaAllah! La howla wa la quwwata ilah billah il-aliyyu azim!


2. darvish - 24 January 2008

Alhamdulillah for the beautiful expression of how we are led to the Sufi path, though you did not mention the word :)

Ya Haqq!

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