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poached| Ottoman Recycling 17 December 2007

Posted by EDITOR in Culture, History, Science.

Looking at the domed ceiling of the Suleimaniya mosque I marvel at the ingenuity of Ottoman architecture: In the past the interior of the mosque was lit by huge braziers and wicker lamps. The damp, oily black smoke would rise to the ceiling, to be collected as it cooled into hidden ducts that were built within the dome itself. Slowly the liquid smoke would filter down and was collected in tiny pots, to be sifted, mixed with oil and gum, to be made into ink. That ink would then be used to write the Qur’ans that were read by the Ottomans themselves. An economy of resources at work: light to smoke, smoke to ink, ink to books, books that were read in the same light that would produce the ink. Truly, the hermetically sealed world of the Ottomans was a riddle that kept its answer to itself.

Farish Noor, Wonders of Islamic Civilization



1. Bhaijan - 4 January 2008

jazakAllah. this was a beautiful revelation.

2. Saifuddin - 16 January 2008


as-salaamu ‘alaikum. I have bore witness to these,

“An economy of resources at work”

With Shaykh Abdul Kerim, who is bringing these Ottoman Traditions to the US with the permission and ijazat of GrandShaykh Nazim al-Haqqani and Farish is right, it is truly a Wonder of Islamic Civilization. Growing up in American, the most spoiled community on the face of Earth makes me want to learn and adopt these ways for the sake Allah ever more intensely.


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4. dontbesadblog - 23 January 2008

Asalaamu alikum,

Subhan’allah- how beautiful- if only today we remembered our religion teaches us not to waste, even the tiniest drop of water.

Jazak’allah khair for sharing

Dont be sad

5. Whispering Soul - 16 February 2008


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