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Is it possible for Muslims and Jews to Partner? 12 November 2007


I do not know.

In my experience with both communities there is a lot of bad blood. Much of it, perhaps most of it, is based on absolutely false perceptions of the Other. These perceptions are based often on the hype of particular opportunists. Meaning, there are a few individuals in each community that point fingers at the other community, identifying the other community as a (potential) threat against their own well-being. In the process, this finger-pointing diverts attention away from real problems (as well as from the opportunists’ own goals for self-promotion under the guise of “defending his/her community”).

At times it is strange that I hear the exact same criticisms coming from each side against the other. Literally. Some Muslims make some accusations against the Jews that are almost word-for-word identical to some accusations some Jews make against Muslims. Usually the tone of such accusations is “they are against us.”

So, is it possible for Muslims and Jews to partner? I do not know. But, there is a need at least for consideration of some sort of communication. The reason is simple. Both communities are used to long histories of hostilities — both of speech and violent action — against them. Both communities are witnessing huge rises in America today in hate-speech against them. It is a great mistake to regard Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism as diseases coming from two different sources, being projected against two different recipients. Rather, the source of Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia is the same source. Where you see a rise in Islamophobia, you also see a rise in Anti-Semitism. Where you see a rise in Anti-Semitism, you also see a rise in Islamophobia.

The source, today, is the same: opportunists seeking to divert attention away from the real problems in American society. Most of these opportunists have hijacked, or are attempting to hijack American Christianity. Of all of the different world religions, Christianity (when mixed with opportunist power) has the bloodiest history. Christianity itself is not the source of the bloodshed. Rather, it repeatedly becomes the source for the rallying cry of what is essentially brazen nationalism.

The real problems of American society are well-known. They are racism, the breakdown of family, the alienation of people from each other, and economic disempowerment (and thus disenfranchisement). And, the deepest problem is the distancing of the American individual’s heart from his/her Creator.

The “real” problems, we are told are stemming from foreign interests that disregard or are even hostile (politically and/or violently) to America’s well-being. That attention is being directed more and more to Muslims, Arabs, and Jews. Even then, it should be directed, at most, to particular individuals and particular ideologies. But, neither of these individuals nor ideas are the causes of this generation-by-generation breakdown in American society. Meaning, the Israeli lobby is not the cause of racism in America. So called Islamofascism is not the cause of the breakdown of the American nuclear family.

Thus, what is the concern? History repeats itself. Crusade. Spain. Slavery. Germany. Bosnia. If the Jews and Muslims remain separated by a Cold War of their own, it is only a matter of time before the hate speech takes itself to deeper levels. Frankly, the hate speech will continue to take deeper levels anyways, but the two communities do not need facilitate it by distancing themselves from each other.

And G-d knows best.



1. Irving - 1 December 2007

Jews and Muslims lived and worked together for centuries. After WWII and the creation of Israel as a state, that is when the trouble began. After the Jews were kicked out of Spain during the Inquisition in 1492, many fled to friendly Muslim countries. After WWII, they fled the Muslim countries for the US and Europe again. And many millions of Muslim followed over the years. Eventually the real leaders of both will embrace each other, regardless of Israel and Arab nationalism.

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