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Smartness vs. Diligence 5 November 2007


In too many cultures, there is a competition over who is the most “smart.” Further, some individuals with low self-esteem find self-esteem in declaring their pitiful little selves as “smarter” than their peers, family, etc..Frankly, it is irrelevant if you are “smart.”

Further still, “smartness” is not something earned. Intelligence is not earned, it is granted and inherited. It is not earned, but granted, like height. If you are taller than your peers, it has little to do with you. It has more to do with (a) your parents and (b) their parents. It has more to do with others than with anything you could have done. The most you can do is to try to preserve intelligence.

But, it is irrelevant if you are “smart.” Further, if you regard yourself as “smart,” it may be a detriment to your progress. Rather than growing, you might instead be resting on your laurels. Meaning, rather than dedicating your efforts to learning and improving yourself, you are probably seeking a minimalist route in life.

It is irrelevant if you are smart, but it is wholly relevant if you are diligent. If you are hard-working, you can build ladders to paradise. If you are smart, yet inactive, you will wallow in a puddle of low-self-esteem and not even realize it.

If you are hard-working, you can keep improving yourself. If you are “smart” then you will change only enough to convince yourself, again, that you are smart. If you are “smart” you are creating a shaky foundation that can crack at any moment.

If you are hard-working, you will remain hard-working, regardless of your environment, regardless of your struggles, regardless of the tornadoes that fly around you.

Earn your life. Earn your place in this human race. Be hard-working. Let the losers continue to tell themselves that they are “smart.”



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