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The Battle of Opposing Patiences 22 October 2007

Posted by MOZAFFAR in MOZAFFAR, Psychology, Spirituality.

The Devil is an idiot in the big picture. He was a scholar, he was recognized for his judiciousness, he was even created beautiful. But he could not rid himself of his hubris.

But in the small picture, he is a genius villain.

Meaning, when Ramadan ends, and he is released, he does not start attacking you immediately. Rather, he waits in ambush. And, when the moment is right, he catches you off guard and jumps in. If you are in a situation, and at a particular moment in that situation you have the potential to get angry at someone, he goes in for the kill. He suddenly excites your temper and confuses your mind, so that the only option seems to be anger. And if you start to get angry, he fans the flames of heat higher and higher.

If something has the potential to make you depressed: again, he will jump in at the right moment and try to push you deeper and deeper into hopelessness.

We call it a sucker-punch. That is his main tool. Catch you off-guard and ambush you when you are not paying attention.

Beware. Be aware. In the big picture, he is an idiot. He is the imbecile of imbeciles. In the small picture—those moments in your day—he is waiting patiently.

And thus, you fight him with your own patience. Just exercise constant, constant, constant, restraint.




1. Irving - 2 November 2007

Alhamdulillah! a true and worthy reminder. Just as Allah is in the details of everyday life exhorting patience, prayer and remembrance, the devil is also in the details, urging anger, hatred, impatience, lust, lying, cheating, theft and corruption of the heart and soul.

May Allah guide us on the straight path. Ameen.

Ya Haqq!

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