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Question of the Day: Company 3 October 2007

Posted by SA'ILA in SA'ILA, Sociology.

“There is always some benefit in spending time in the company of a religiously conservative person.”

Do you agree or disagree with this statement?



1. VARANGALI - 4 October 2007


Isn’t there always benefit in the company of anyone (save a few unsavory characters)? So you probably mean it comparatively – i.e. there must be more benefit in being in the company of someone conservative than someone liberal – by extension, it is better to be influenced by conservatism than by liberalism?

If I unpacked it correctly, aren’t you simply asking whether or not the reader is conservative or liberal?

2. SA'ILA - 4 October 2007

Wa’alaykum assalam –

Interesting take on the question. How is there always benefit in the company of anyone? If anything, one could argue that the company of just *anyone* could be, in fact, harmful, in that one may engage in small talk, or at the least, useless talk, and it would be preferable to spend time reflecting on one’s own.

The question thus remains as is – with, perhaps, the qualification to the statement that “if there is one person whose company one *always* benefits from, it is the company of a religiously conservative person.”

So, do you agree or disagree? :)

3. talib - 4 October 2007

there is always some benefit in everything, depending on what you make of what you are given. but…imo, there is so much goodness to be taken from the company of “conservative” muslims i.e., those who fear Allah and are not afraid that it shows. most people don’t like them because there is always a feeling of insecurity, a feeling of being judged when one is around them, initially at least. if a person can deal with that initial obstacle and make the most of it, there are great treasures lying on the other side. unfortunately, most of us are blinded by that pesky insecurity, even those of us who fancy ourselves as “conservative.”

also, MOZAFFAR addressed this issue more eloquently: https://othermatters.wordpress.com/2006/01/09/no-good-no-evil/

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