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Ten Days. Ten Days. Ten Days 17 September 2007

Posted by MOZAFFAR in MOZAFFAR, Psychology, Spirituality.

By the end of the first ten days of fasting you are deflating the balloon down to its natural shape; you will have a glimpse into your true personality. You are deflating the fluff out of your personality, and revealing the true face hidden behind the mask. Maybe you are angry. Maybe you are exhausted. Maybe you are easily irritated. Maybe you find yourself being suspicious of people. Maybe you are really sensitive. You will find Muslims getting into all kinds of very nasty fights in this period, not realizing what is happening in their personalities; their personalities are getting exposed. When you reach the end of that first ten days, introspect deeply to see how you feel and how you feel about things. Look at how you look at your near ones (family and friends). Look at how you look at yourself. Look at how you look at your relationship with God. Look at the mirror, for this special period is a mercy that you do not often get in your year.

By the end of the second ten days of fasting, you will have a sense of control over certain aspects of your personality, where you will have a strength that you did not have 3 weeks prior. Now, look at those issues you faced at the end of the first ten days, and figure out how to purify them out of your system or at least control them. That is, of course, if you have been honest with yourself. If you are being honest with yourself, you are witnessing a transformation within yourself. The first thing you seek in this period is the basic foundation of your relationship with God: you turn to Him. Tawba. Wash away the darkness in your previous choices; start by seeking His forgiveness.

By the end of the third ten days, you will have a great sense of control, and perhaps even a sense of exhilaration. You have developed a shield around your Iman. That shield is what we call Taqwa. The gates of paradise are open to you, and you should seek of its treasures. Aim high. You can obtain a palace of 70,000 rooms, with each room containing 70,000 doors to 70,000 additional rooms. But, why satisfy yourself with even 70,000 of those palaces when you can have wings? Why satisfy yourself with wings when you can be in His company and in the company of those with Him. Aim high. Seek all of these things, not just from the Hereafter, but also from the Here and Now.

Thus, in this month, seek the company of the best of your friends and family, for that company will help strengthen you. Do not be disrespectful to the spiritual leeches in your environment, being those people who seem to suck away any consciousness of God within you as they play in this temporary world. Keep those people at a distance, and instead occupy yourself with the best of people. You know who the leeches are and you know who the gems are. If there are no Muslims around you, then make company from the best of your friends, and make company with the books and stories of the best of past generations.

In this month, seek the company of the best of words: the Qur’an. Look to the Qur’an to see what Allah is saying to you, by way of what He said to those before you, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon them.And, then as soon as Ramadan ends you will get thrown to the barking dogs. The world will return to its normal cycle, and most of the world around you is little more than the bark of a dog. Your instinct will be to respond in the ways you responded before. But, you now know you can control those “flaws,” though many people may forget and may return exactly to what they were before, as though Ramadan is a sort of break. But, you know you can control those “flaws,” so control them.

Your target then, for the next 11 months after Ramadan is to dig to the next layer within you, because those flaws you observed within you are hiding deeper flaws, that may get exposed in the following Ramadan. And, the deeper we get within that delicate cave that is our heart, we see two things. The light within seems to continue, but we also discover traits we never realized we had. And it can be scary because today you may discover anger, but next year, you may discover hatred, and the year after that you may discover envy, and the year after that, you may discover deep, deep fear. And, you face those newly exposed traits (and more) in the next Ramadans.The more preparation you do in between Ramadans, the better your next Ramadan will be. “Preparation” here is action, as opposed to emotionally motivating yourself, for action is like building a house with bricks while emotional motivation is a flame that something that fizzles and fades.

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And Allah knows best.



1. Irving - 18 September 2007

Great post :) Down at the core, beyond the face we show to the world, that is what comes out, for better or worse.

Ya Haqq!

2. Seeker - 19 September 2007

MashaAllah very good post indeed. JazakAllahu khayr :)

3. ali - 22 September 2007

itss really a inspiration….and so good can’t have word to appreciate your words

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