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When we buy into our own Hype 3 September 2007

Posted by MOZAFFAR in MOZAFFAR, Psychology, Spirituality.

“I’m gonna change things.”

Occassionally we have those moving experiences, those moving experiences that inspire us to “make a difference,” that inspire us to “change” or to “change things.” So often, we have those profound moments that seem to shake our foundations.

And so rarely do we follow through.

It’s usually Hajj. A Muslim pilgrim experiences some powerful spiritual moments or witnesses something moving, and vows on his/her return to change things.

It rarely happens.

The second you return to your prior-to-the-trip life at home, you get pulled into the raging river of normal life. Thus, too often, the person returns (too quickly) back to the character s/he was prior to the trip.

In some cases, a person reverts or converts to something altogether different. Someone worse. A person who didn’t curse begins to curse. A person reasonably mild-mannered develops a temper.


It is our response to the profound moment that determines everything. Too often, the profound moment registers in our system as just that: a profound moment. Our response to that profound moment becomes exactly that: our response.

Thus, when you experience something deeply moving, you invest time reflecting and reflecting over that profound moment. And, you inevitably reach a point where you forget about it. You stop reflecting. Perhaps the raging river of normal life takes you over. Perhaps you experience a new profound moment. Perhaps your trimmed hair from Hajj grows back. Or perhaps, you just forget.

So, to convert that profound moment into action, you need to do exactly that: act. If you don’t act on it, making it fuel for your next endeavor, the stubborn nature of your disposition, multiplied by the river of normal life will wash all influence away. You will be left with nice photos and a few good stories.

So, to convert that profound moment into action, you need to act. Now.



1. Umm Layth - 4 September 2007

Wonderful naseeha! Jazaka Allahu khairan

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