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Feeling God 27 August 2007

Posted by MOZAFFAR in MOZAFFAR, Spirituality.

Imagine everything you can about having a relationship with Allah.

Think of everything, in terms of what that means, how you would feel, what you would experience.

And throw all that out the window.

You go to Him, and He will come to you. But, you have to go to Him.



1. anonymous - 27 August 2007

Riding on the Shariah without rationalism nor blind-dogmatism is what it takes to have a relationship with Allah. This happens through suhba, keeping the company of Teachers who have had such relationship, and so on goes the chain to the Prophet (saw).

You could actually have a relationship with Allah without the Shariah. Why not, as Allah is the manifest in everything…. but it is going to be painful, like being in Hell.

Doing the Shariah things makes it easy for our constitution, precisely our id.

The feeling is not really important because, it cannot be in this way or that way or that particular way as the some gnostics have written (e.g. feeling spaced out, feeling high, feeling like part of everything, your heart overflowing etc).

Relationship with Allah is beyond sensation or experience – i.e. when it is Complete.

Is that why wrote “And throw all that out the window”.?

Could you clarify what do you mean by that.?

2. electromagnetic - 27 August 2007

Would it be inaccurate to suggest that Allah going to us is metaphysically prior to us going to Him and it appearing to us as though we are going to Him prior to His going to us?

Maybe that doesn’t make sense.

3. Irving - 28 August 2007

“Why are you knocking on a door that is open, begging to be let in?”

– Rabia of Basra

4. MOZAFFAR - 30 August 2007

Salams anonymous, electromagnetic, and Irving,

Thanks for your posts.

anonymous: I wrote “And throw all that out the window” suggesting that pre-conceived notions about our relationship with Allah are often obstacles to developing that relationship. If a person feels — as you suggest — that there should be a certain “feeling” or experience, s/he may be looking for the sensation, rather than looking for God. If, however, you have a teacher to guide you, who is instructing you, then it’s a different situation.

electromagnetic: Not sure if I understand. Please clarify.

Irving: nice, alhamdulillah.

May Allah bless you.

Omer M

5. electromagnetic - 31 August 2007


I am trying to say that I think going to God and God coming to us is one way to see it. Another way to see it is that our going to God is logically posterior to God coming to us. In other words, God is the Agent who turns to us first and enables us to turn to Him. This persepective is described in the Quran by the verse in surah Tawba: “…He turned to them in mercy in order for them to return [to Him]” [Q 9:118].

By drawing attention to this, I am not at all trying to suggest that your articulation is without value. In a sense, all of our articulations with terms qualified by whatever we can conceive are inadequate as you have already alluded by your advice to “throw all that out the window.”

This post is much appreciated. Barak Allah fikum.

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