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Question of the Day: Work 4 July 2007

Posted by SA'ILA in SA'ILA.

We work, ostensibly, to provide for ourselves and for our family. How much is too much work?

What connotes a “comfortable” lifestyle? Does affluence simply imply a greater access to leisure?



1. Tasbeeh - 4 July 2007

You work too much when working becomes the thing your life revolves around. If it keeps you from your prayers, from your spirituality, from your family, from YOURSELF, then you are working too much.

Comfort is relative. Some of us would not be comfortable without the luxury of a nice car, a big home. Others would simply be content with the bare necessities. All of us have different standards of comfort, of leisure and granduer.

My uncle is a well-off man. But his standard of living is very low. He does not need fancy things to be comfortable. He has a nice home, nice cars, but if you were to take that away, he would be just as comfortable.

I think we often mistake the two concepts- comfort and wealth. A wealthy person is not necessarily comfortable and a comfortable person need not be wealthy.

That said, we musn’t let WORK or MONEY get in the way of our comfort. And vice versa.

The Prophet (PBUH) told us to live moderately.

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