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Jamila’s Dreams IX 21 May 2007

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In the years to come, Muhammad -p- led the Muslims to the great peace treaty of Hudaybiya. And, during this period, the Muslim population grew by nearly ten-fold. And, when Meccan allies broke that treaty, Muhammad -p- marched to conquer Mecca. Within months, the Muslim population grew again by more than ten-fold. Soon, the Muslims — who on that day at Uhud counted in the hundreds and small thousands — now numbered 150,000.

Though Muhammad -p- promised peaceful general amnesty, a number of Meccan fighters, for some odd reason, feared for their lives. Some became Muslim. The Monk, however, ran away to Ta’if.

As the Muslims quickly spread their forces across the Arabian peninsula, the Monk ran away, again.

Years earlier, when the Monk first met Muhammad, he demanded that the liar among them be permanently exiled from Yathrib. And, Muhammad agreed. At times, we may say things and not realize that we are, with our hearts, making prayers to God. And, we may not realize that God may accept and answer those prayers, exactly as we ask them.

The Monk died while in Syria. Perhaps he did not realize that his prayer was answered, dying while in a state of permanent exile, and for that, he will be permanently remembered.

And, Ibn Ubay, who abandoned the Muslims with his repeated practice of retreating from battle was himself , years later, in the process of dying. He asked the Prophet -p- to pray for his (Ibn Ubay’s) forgiveness, and the Prophet -p- agreed.

When Ibn Ubay died, the Prophet -p- prayed the funeral prayers for Ibn Ubay. But, for his conduct at Uhud, he will be permanently remembered not as the man who would be king, but as the king of the hypocrites.

But, before we end, let us think back to that day at Uhud.

As Hanzala’s body lay there, the Monk stood before him, scolding him. “Did I not warn you about this man?” He refered to the Prophet -p.

But, before we end, let us think back a few hours earlier.

In the battle, Hanzala was struck down. Muhammad -p- noticed, from the distance, that men in white were washing his body. Angels were performing his ghusl. Imagine the scent of that divine water.

When the Muslims approached the young widow, Jamila, informing her of his death, and of the men, she informed them of her dream, and informed them that on that morning, he was afraid he would be late for battle, and he left without washing himself.

And, for that, he will be permanently remembered, as Hanzala al-Ghaseel (Hanzala, the Washed).

May Allah accept the good among our prayers and may Allah accept the good among our dreams.

The End.



1. umair - 23 May 2007

Jazak Allah khair for this series of posts, and Ameen to your du’a.

It would be great to see more entries that discuss aspects of the lives of the Companions of the Prophet (s).

2. talib - 27 May 2007

barakAllah feek.

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