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Jamila’s Dreams VII 7 May 2007

Posted by MOZAFFAR in History, MOZAFFAR.

The Muslims were in line, preparing for this second battle against the oppressive Meccans. Last year, the small band of Muslims proved themselves unstoppable. This year, they were more numerous, and more confident than ever. Victory on the field, or victory in the afterlife. You cannot lose when you have that attitude.

Hanzala, the son of the Monk, the husband of Jamila, the son-in-law of Ibn Ubay saw something that caused his heart to sink.

Abu Sufyan, the head of the Meccan soldiers called on the Muslims to leave the battle, for his concern rested on one person, his cousin, Muhammad -p.

Then, across that field, Abu ‘Amir b. Sayfi (Ibn Sayfi) marched forward. Hanzala’s father was now a soldier for the Meccans.

Ibn Sayfi, recalling his once towering popularity in his old home, called on his former tribesmen to join him.

They did not join him. Instead, they cursed him. In his short life, Hanzala watched his father, the Monk, fall from the highest levels of grace among his peers. And, the instigator of that fall was the man to whom Hanzala now dedicated himself. And now, this reviled figure he knew as his father, was his enemy.

But, we are the victims of our own choices. It was not Muhammad -p- who reviled the Monk, and it was not Muhammad -p- who ostracized the Monk. The Monk chose one destiny, and his son chose another.

And, the battle began.

To be continued…



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