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Jamila’s Dreams V 23 April 2007

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And, thus it was. Hanzala, the son of Ibn Sayfi, married Jamila, the daughter of Ibn Ubay. Unfortunately, Ibn Sayfi was not present for the wedding. He had left Yathrib (Medina).

That night, Hanzala and Jamila spent their first night together.

That night, Jamila had a dream.

In her dream, her husband stood at the gates of heaven.

The gates opened for him.

And, he entered.

And, the gates closed behind him.

That night, Jamila awoke.

You see, when we dream, it may be a lower form of revelation. Often, when we dream, we do not understand what our dreams mean, though we know they mean something.

Jamila, however, understood her dream with full clarity. The Muslims would be battling the Meccan oppressors in the morning. Her husband would joining them.

That night, when Jamila awoke from her dream, during this first night with her new husband, she knew it would be her last night with him.

To be continued…



1. wasim Ahmad - 23 April 2007

Very powerful story…look forward to the remainder of the story

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