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Jamila’s Dreams IV 16 April 2007

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The majority of the Muslims now had their hearts set on meeting the Meccan oppressors. Ibn Ubay’s call for avoiding war was now getting overheard.

The logic was simple. There could be only two results. Either the entire group of Muslims win, or many individual Muslims win. Either the Muslims, as a force, will defeat the Meccans. Or, on the flipside, if they lose as a force, many individuals will walk from the battlefield straight into the gardens of Paradise.

The next day, in his Friday khutba Muhammad -p reminded his followers to remain steadfast.

It was neither number, nor their arms that determined their performance last year at Badr, but it was their connection to God. Again, it would be the same.

But, after the prayer, two men sought the Prophet’s -p, counsel.

‘Abd-Allah b. ‘Amr (Ibn ‘Amr) had a dream. In the dream, a man approached him, telling him, “in a few days, you will be with us.” The dreamer asked him, “and where are you?” The man told him, “Paradise.”

Now, Ibn ‘Amr felt he knew the meaning of this dream. We know that the dream is the closest thing to revelation that any of us can have. But, unlike most of us, a Prophet -p -understands his own revelations, with some degree of clarity. We, however, may not understand our own dreams. And, when Ibn ‘Amr shared his dream with the Prophet -p, the Prophet -p confirmed Ibn ‘Amr’s suspicions.

Thus, Ibn ‘Amr went home to wish his family farewell. He knew, now, that at Uhud, he would be chosen for Paradise.

The other person who sought Muhammad’s -p, counsel was the Monk’s son, Hanzala. Unlike the Monk, Hanzala joined Muhammad -p; he became a dedicated Muslim.

Hanzala’s wedding was scheduled for today. And, unlike his father-in-law-to-be, Hanzala had his heart set on joining the Muslim ranks. What should he do? He should not delay his wedding, should he?

The Prophet -p, told Hanzala to continue with his festivities and marry Jamila. The battle, itself, would not begin until after sunrise tomorrow anyway. And, even if the ranks leave without him, he can easily find out where to go. Time is always of the essence, but between now and then, Hanzala had plenty of time.

To be continued…



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