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Question of the Day: Blogging 11 April 2007

Posted by SA'ILA in SA'ILA.

Blogging has been on the increase in the past few years; in November 2006, Technorati was tracking more than 57 million blogs.

Why do you blog? Is the initial motivation the wanting to share with others, or the expectation (and want) that others will respond to what you share?

Should it matter if no one reads our blog posts, if no one acknowledges them? Or would that defeat one of the main purposes of blogging?



1. ABD - 12 April 2007

good question. i have no idea. i should, i guess–so here’s the beginning of an answer.

some of it has to do with the discipline of writing: giving yourself a schedule to produce bite-size pieces of thought. that’s writing as thinking.

but some of it must also be writing as performance—and performances need audiences. i don’t know if that makes the writing less honest, but i also don’t know authors who don’t have audiences. how could we, since their writing would be locked away in cupboards?

2. Irving - 12 April 2007

ABD is right. Without an audience, you might as well talk to yourself. Blogging for me was part of the Sufi path, a technological way to explain it to others, as best as I could understand it. In that way, it doesn’t matter if only one person reads it, if they get something from it. The old joke is that everyone who blogs has at least fifteen friends who read their blog.

Ya Haqq!

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