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Jamila’s Dreams II 2 April 2007

Posted by MOZAFFAR in History, MOZAFFAR.

‘Abd-Allah b. Ubay (Ibn Ubay) was the most respected man in all of Yathrib.

Despite the generations long family feud between the Aws and Khazraj tribes, only Ibn Ubay was able to pull himself out of battle. When another set of battle lines had been drawn, only Ibn Ubay retreated from battle.

Thus, the members of Aws and Khazraj, regarded Ibn Ubay as being the only one among them with the ability to seek and establish peace in their war-torn lands. Thus, they chose to name him their king.

Of course, in Mecca, another man was on his way. We know the story that when Muhammad -p- was exiled from Mecca, and headed to Yathrib, his fantastic popularity overwhelmed the popularities of other leaders and elder statesmen in Yathrib.

While, the Monk, Abu Amir left Yathrib, Ibn Ubay chose a different route. He joined Muhammad -p. The man who would be king took a step back and accepted the leadership of God’s Prophet -p.

And, Ibn Ubay had a daughter who also joined Muhammad -p. Her name was Jamila.

To be continued…



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