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numbers| The Caucasian Premium 28 February 2007

Posted by EDITOR in Culture, Economics.

Amount that Iran’s tourism ministry pays travel agents for every Westerner they bring to the country: $20

Amount it pays for an Asian: $10

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency (Tehran)



1. talib - 2 March 2007

that’s a good deal when you exchange for the toman. i should bring myself to Iran.

2. The Turk - 2 March 2007

we should send all neo-cons there… they deserve each other..

3. Irving - 2 March 2007

Do Westerners spend more? I would love to visit Iran, but will not add to the Mullah’s pockets.

4. VARANGALI - 2 March 2007

talib: it’s the “Caucasian Premium” – not the “Wannabe-Caucasian Premium” ;)

5. talib - 3 March 2007

i spent my youth playing on the beautiful hills of caucasia. when i’m cashing myself in at Iran, that is. when i’m filling out ethnicity data on grant forms, i’m strictly a native of the land of other.

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