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The Africa Diaries: Is Your Wife a Man or a Woman? 23 January 2007

Posted by VARANGALI in Humor, VARANGALI.

The Brits mock the Americans. The Americans laugh at the French. The French have their Polish jokes. And the list goes on, but it ends at the Ghanaians. The Ghanaians don’t have any jokes.

Ghanaians smile like it’s the national pastime. I’ve never been around so smiley a people – they must go to sleep smiling and wake up grinning. And they laugh, at my clumsy attempts to hack open a coconut with a machete, or just for the heck of it. But they don’t have any jokes. None.

We have often requested jokes, anything humorous. And finally Joe – our favorite hotel staff member here – delivered:

I once came upon a man beating his wife. So I went up to him and asked (dramatic pause, wait for the punch line, wait for it…) is your wife a man or a woman? (hysterical laughter).

It cracks me up every time I think about it. Perhaps it is a joke after all. OK – the Ghanaians do have a joke – just one.



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